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  Hometown:  Danberry, New Hampshire

  Deployments:  Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm, Operation Joint Endeavor (Bosnia), Operation Joint Guard (Bosnia), Operation Iraqi Freedom 1 & 3

  AO In Iraq:  West / North West Baghdad, Taji

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SSG Varney was wounded in action on June 14th, 2005 by a secondary blast from two VBIEDs. An Iraqi Army 2 1/2 Ton truck carrying several soldiers was struck by two VBIEDs. SSG Varney's section was the first to arrive on site. SSG Varney saw that several Iraqi Army soldiers needed to be pulled away from the burning vehicles. SSG Varney also knew that he had to get the American soldiers that were with the convoy out of the blast area as well. SSG Varney told the American soldiers to start pulling the Iraqi Army soldiers away from the burning vehicles. As SSG Varney was helping soldiers away from the truck a 155mm artillery shell that did not blow up from the initial blast started to spark and shortly there after blew up. The blast sent metal fragments in SSG Varney's forearm. SSG Varney was given medical aid back at Camp Taji and was back on missions again a week later.



1st Armored Division 3rd Infantry Division
101st Air Assault       5th Corps
2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment

Spur Holder

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