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NATO Medal

The NATO Medal is an international military decoration which is awarded to various militaries of the world under the authority of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. There are currently two versions of the NATO Medal in existence, one for service in Yugoslavia and the other for duty performed in Kosovo.

The NATO Medal for Kosovo service was created in October 1998 and was awarded to any service member who participated in NATO sponsored campaigns as a member of a NATO peacekeeping force to the Serbian Province of Kosovo. To date, the following military campaigns have been authorized by NATO for the presentation of the NATO Medal for Kosovo service.

Operation Allied Force (24 Mar 99 - 10 Jun 99)
Operation Joint Guardian (11 Jun 99 - TBD)
Operation Allied Harbour (4 Apr 99 - 1 Sep 99)
Operation Sustain Hope (4 Apr 99 - 10 Jul 99)
Operation Noble Anvil (24 Mar 99 - 20 Jul 99)
The NATO Medal for Kosovo is also authorized for membership in the following NATO controlled Kosovo Task Forces

Task Force Hawk (5 Apr 99 - 24 Jun 99)
Task Force Saber (31 Mar 99 - 8 Jul 99)
Task Force Falcon (11 Jun 99 TBD
Task Force Hunter (1 Apr 99 - 1 Nov 99)
Participation in multiple service operations is denoted by either campaign clasps, or service stars, awarded to the NATO Medal.

The NATO Medal for Kosovo is considered an open tour service medal, meaning that an end date has yet to be established. A very similar decoration, the Kosovo Campaign Medal, was issued by the United States armed forces for participation in the same operations. United States military regulations at present do permit service members to receive both the NATO Medal and Kosovo Campaign Medal for the same tour of service.

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