13th Armor Regiment

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Sergeant first class may serve in a position subordinate to the platoon sergeant or When first sergeants are exceptional, their units are exceptional, regardless of any may serve as the NCOIC of the section with all the attendant responsibilities and duties of the platoon sergeant. Whether platoon sergeant or sergeant first class, this is the first level at which the term senior NCO properly applies. The platoon sergeant or sergeant first class generally has 15 to 18 years or more of military experience and is rightfully expected to bring that experience to bear in quick, all accurate decisions that are in the best interest of the mission and the soldier. The platoon sergeant is expected to embody all the traits of a leader. Watching a of the successful platoon sergeant operate on a daily basis is an unforgettable For the experience. There, he is training the platoon or section in their collective tasks; here, he is checking maintenance. There, he is planning, executing; perpetual motion; a blur; the personification of a military leader and "hot stuff." When you are talking about the first sergeant you are talking about the life-blood of the Army. There can be no substitute of this position nor any question of its importance. and When first sergeants are exceptional, their units are exceptional, regardless of any a leader during our personal success or failure.other single personality involved. Perhaps their rank insignia should be the keystone rather than the traditional one depicted here. It is the first sergeant at whom almost all unit operations merge. The first sergeant holds formations, instructs platoon sergeants, advises the Commander, and assists in training of all enlisted members. The first sergeant may swagger and appear, at times, somewhat of an exhibitionist, but he is not egotistical. The first sergeant is proud of the unit and, understandably, wants others to be aware of his unit’s success. For the first time, the title of address for this grade is not sergeant, but first sergeant. There is a unique relationship of confidence and respect that exits between the first sergeant and the Commander not found at another level within the Army. In the German Army, the first sergeant is referred to as the “Father of the Company." He is the provider, the disciplinarian, the wise counselor, the tough and unbending foe, the confidant, the sounding board, everything that we need in a leader during our personal success or failure.

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