13th Armor Regiment

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This is a calendar of all of the Cavalry Scouts Birthdays

Jan 9th      SGT Winningham
Jan 18th    SPC Cuevas
Jan 25th    CPT Breeden
Jan 28th    CPL Triebel
Feb 9th      PFC Kennedy
Feb 13th    SPC Hoefler
Feb 14th    SFC Davey
Feb 15th    SGT Donovan
Feb 25th    SGT McElroy
Mar 5th      PFC Johnson
Mar 10th    SGT Goolsby
Mar 11th    CPL Rogers
Mar 22nd    SPC Collie
Mar 22nd    SPC Sanchez
Mar 31st     SGT D. Goff
Apr 1st      SGT Myers
Apr 8th      SPC Ratliff
Apr 11th    PFC Gallardo
Apr 23rd    SPC Cypert
Apr 25th    SGT Rothschiller
May 1st      SGT Gulley
May 5th      SSG Valentine
May 7th      SPC Woolfolk
May 11th     1LT Boernsen
May 26th     PFC Hampton
May 27th     SPC Rodgers
Jun 2nd      SSG Varney
Jun 14th    PFC Rupprecht
Jun 16th    1LT DiFilippo
Jun 17th    SGT McCartney
Jun 22nd    SFC Nielsen
Jun 30th     1LT Pride
Jul 4th       SSG Taylor
Jul 16th     SGT Mally
Jul 16th     CPT Hartsock
Jul 19th     SPC Leisinger
Aug 5th      SPC Hammond
Aug 11th    PFC Circello
Aug 11th    SPC Harvey
Aug 24th    SPC Fosnot
Sept 12th    SSG S. Goff
Sept 15th    PFC Fread
Oct 1st      PFC Holtzclaw
Oct 2nd     SPC Ramirez
Oct 16th    SGT Storrs
Oct 21st    SPC Miller
Nov 6th    SPC Hughes
Nov 7th    PV2 Vess
Dec 1st        SGT Bartal
Dec 7th        SPC Cole
Dec 9th        SGT Bertch
Dec 12th      SPC Roiz
Dec 20th      SGT Musgrave
Dec 24th      SPC Adkins
Dec 24th      PFC Spruell
Dec 27th      SFC Rafalko
Dec 29th      SSG Cady
Unknown Birthdays
SGT Butler
SPC King

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