13th Armor Regiment

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The crest is the symbol of the Army Training Center. Before 1958, it was the regimental crest with a maroon background.

In 1958, it was adopted as the training center's crest and the background was changed to green. It was designed by the Heraldic Division of the Quartermasters General's Office. The 13 stars represent the Thirteen original Colonies. The snake is a symbol of preparedness and is grasping the scroll on one end with his mouth and the other end with his tail. On the scroll is printed the motto, "THIS WE'LL DEFEND," one of the many mottos used in colonial days such as "DON'T TREAD ON ME," "LIBERTY" and many others which were carried on flags and banners. The armored breast plate is a symbol of strength and the green background is a vestment worn under the armored breast plate. It is called a Jupon which represents the Army. The torch is a symbol of liberty that shines over all.

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